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Being born and raised in the state of Alaska, I came to appreciate the wonders of the outdoors very easily. As I grew older, I found myself always wanting to get outside and play as much as possible. In the fall, on one of my trips into Chugach State Park, I came upon two bull moose that were fighting over a cow. I started snapping photos with an old camera that I had in my backpack, as I put the camera down for a brief moment, I realized that over two hours had gone by. The sun was going down, and I had to get back, but didn't want to leave. The next day I was back at it again, standing in the same spot wanting more action. It was then that I became hooked on the challenge of wildlife and scenic photography.

Years later I find myself in the same position, wanting to put in as many hours as possible trying to get that perfect shot. I've had the luck of seeing and photographing many great things, and have had many amazing experiences that I will never forget. Every image on this website was taken in the wild, a result of many countless hours of patience, hard work, and dedication. I hope you enjoy my wildlife and scenic images, not just of Alaska, but of other great places that I have traveled. A special thanks to my lovely wife, Mellany, for helping me make this website possible, I couldn't have done it without you.